My Journey

As a mother of two boys, wife, and entrepreneur, life can get so hectic! and some times stressful.  My hope in sharing my story is to encourage moms like myself and hope and pray that woman and moms like me will remain focused.  

Striving to be that proverbs 31 wife, generous, virtuous, diligent, and wise to name a few isn't easy especially when you have two young boys to raise but the effort and hard work is worth it when you see results of growth and maturity not just in yourself but in your marriage and spouse.  My husband is in his first year of residency.  He graduated medical school and that it in itself was not an easy journey.  As a wife it took and still takes sacrifice, understanding, love, learning to be alone at times and making that time productive, and being that support system, that encourager.  The end results is worth hanging in there and learning as a unit to balance life by making time for God, date night, and your kids. 

Having two boys a 1-year-old and a two-year old that were diagnosed with sickle-cell is definitely a challenge and heart breaking watching your child go through so much when they're in pain and all you can do is comfort them and pray.  Learning things like  home schooling your child when they can't make it to school due to being home to recuperate and due to hospital visits.  I am learning to be a victor and not a victim.  As a believer in God I know that he is a healer and a miracle-working God.  Through my journey God has been my strength.  He is teaching me how to wait, how to pray, and how to be consistent in my faith and not waiver or doubt.  I know that God has allowed me to go through these challenges not just to teach me some lessons but so that I can help some one else.  My challenges may not be your challenges but my hopes is through my testimony, through my story, you will be blessed.  

As an entrepreneur and traveling stylist,  this responsibility takes a lot of work and effort but this to is rewarding when I see the results of my hard work.  I am learning through being an entrepreneur that I may fail at times but I have to keep going until I see the completion of my vision and dreams.  

I plan to share with you the journey of a Wife, Mom & Entrepreneur.  Stay Tuned!